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Balika Vadhu Season 2 Cast, Release date, Promo

Now that Balika Vadhu is over, it will be interesting to see how Colors picks up the story and what’s going to happen. The show was always about family values and Indian traditions. It was a breath of fresh air from the typical shows which focus on family drama in the US. However, due to its lack of subtlety, it will be interesting to see if Colors can maintain this as it’s focus or shift into a new direction.

It might also be important for us to think about what colors represent in India and if they are different from our own culture’s idea of colors. The colors usually represent the Indian culture and India in general.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Colors comes up with next.

Colors Tv came up with Indian based show named Balika Vadhu which was a well received one and got great TRPs from all over the world, especially from India. The show was not only received well but also gained positive reviews from all over the world. This was due to a lot of reasons, but the most important factor in its acceptance was that it respected Indian values, culture and traditions while at the same time showed us that we shouldn’t be afraid of change. The colors Tv show gave a message which was shown to the public in a very simplistic and yet effective manner. The people of India really liked the way everything was presented and thought that it is the right way to give a subtle message which can be used to teach people in a very subtle manner.
It had some good actors who played their part really well. It had Dimpy Ganguly playing the role of Anandi, Aditi Sharma playing Usha, Roopa Ganguly playing Radha, Amit Tandon playing Baua. The story revolved around Anandi who got married at an early age, against her wishes and parents’ wishes to her husband Baua (played by Amit Tandon).
The show also dealt with caste issues. In the Indian society, the caste is usually decided by your birth. The castes are the Caste System in India, North India and South India differ slightly from each other and have different rules regarding which jobs are appropriate for whom.
The main character Anandi belonged to the higher strata of society while Baua belonged to a lower strata of society. Her family was against her marriage to him because he was of a lower caste than her and they opposed it vehemently but Anandi had always wanted to marry him as he proposed her first when they were both children and decided that she will marry only him even if it meant going against her parents wishes or disobeying them.
The show had some really good actors who played their roles really well even though the characters were not exactly well written. The show was liked because of the characters which got a lot of people emotional in a positive way.
In this show, the location was the main focus point as it was shot in India and we could see a lot of Indian culture getting reflected on screen. This is what made many people fall in love with this Colors Tv show. There are many other shows which are shot in India but they do not reflect the culture of India and that is what made Balika Vadhu so special for most Indian people.
The show was a very new one, which is why we still have not seen any other Colors Tv show delivering the same element of Indian culture which Balika Vadhu had to offer.
The show went off air after 5 years and it was just as well because it had been on air for so long that it is obvious that the world has already forgotten the essence of what this show was about. The serial had some good scenes in between but on the whole, there wasn’t anything new written. The concept and theme was still the same and as such, it needed a big change if they wanted to continue with this series.

Balika Vadhu Season 2 is going to be release in the Month of June, 2021 and it’s going to be very much fasinating.

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